Need Loan Shark? Consider a Payday Loan

You Do Not Need Loan Sharks – Looking For A Payday Loan Within A Loan Shark

Do you need loan shark? Have you tried going through the banks for a loan, but you just couldn’t get one? Are you desperate for money because of a surgery or some really outstanding payment? The truth is that many people think they need loan shark, but there are alternatives. A payday loan or car loan may be just the thing you need to get back on top. Payday loans are typically not as high as real loan sharks, but they have their benefits.

If you think you need loan shark services, you might want to take a look...

When you’re in a pinch for cash because your rent is due or your power is about to be turned off, you may feel that you need loan shark services.  Instead of really hurting yourself by going this route though, you may find that you come out a lot better if you look for a respectable payday loans shop instead.

Licensed and Unlicensed

The truth is that there are two types of loan sharks: licensed and unlicensed. Unlicensed ones are the ones that are commonly portrayed in the media and news. These are the loan sharks that deal in back alleys and dimly light buildings. They are connected to the mafia or other criminal organizations, and they will hunt you down if they don’t get their money. It’s also true that they charge extremely high interest rates if you default even once.

Licensed loan sharks are similar in that they give out loans without major checks, but they don’t try to break your fingers if you don’t pay up. Instead, they will go through the legal system to get their money, which is much better because you don’t need to worry about the threat of violence. Most payday loans are issued from these licensed loan sharks. So, if you need loan shark, then a payday loan is much better.


Loan sharks typically give out hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. If you need a loan shark because you need to borrow a huge amount of money, then a payday loan isn’t for you (but that doesn’t mean you should seek out a real loan shark!). Payday loans typically give you several hundred, and up to one thousand dollars. They typically have customer loyalty programs, and you might be able to get more money with progressive transactions.

If you need more money, then you might want to consider a car loan. This is similar to a payday loan because you get the money fast, but your car is used as collateral. This enables you to get more money because most cars are worth several thousand if they are in good condition, but it also means that your car will be taken if you default.


If you need loan shark, then you might also be worried about checks. Most people seeking out a loan shark don’t have great credit, or they might have a record that makes it difficult to get a loan. Most payday and car loan places don’t have major checks. The ones that give out more money might check your credit score, but most institutions will give out money without checking this.

However, they will check your identity to make sure that you are who you say you are. This ensures that they will get paid, and it keeps identity thieves from getting some quick cash. You may also be asked to verify your workplace because payday loans are often given out so that you can pay back with your next paycheck. Even if you don’t pay this quickly, they want to ensure that you are making money so that you can pay the monthly installments.

Interest Rate

Most people who need loan shark know about the high interest rate, but it can get very scary with the unlicensed loan shark starts changing the rate when he feels like it. Payday loans have very high rates for several reasons. One reason is because the loan is meant for short-term purposes, and a high interest rate often keeps people from dragging their heels about paying the loan.

The second reason is because those seeking out a payday loan are often high-risk people. This means that they are more likely to default, and the higher rates ensure that the company gets its money. If you drag your heels, then you might end up paying double or triple the amount of the loan.

If you have good or even moderate credit, then it would be much better to seek out a regular loan with a bank. If not, then do your best to pay back immediately.

Payout Date

Most people who need loan shark need money right now, at this second. Loan sharks will typically give you the money right then and there, but payday loans take a little more time. However, it’s still much quicker than a bank. Most banks take several weeks before they even tell you about their decision, and it can be another week before you get the money.

Payday loans are actually fairly quick. The checks (such as identity and work), should only take a few days. At most, it will be three days before the payday loan company gets back to you. It may also take just a few hours, especially if the establishment doesn’t need that much information.

In total, you might need to wait six days in total to get your money. Three days are for the checks, and the other three days are for your bank. Most payday loan places electronically send you the money, and it might take three days to clear. At best, it will be about a day or two before you get the money.


This is the worst part about going to a loan shark. When you need loan shark, he doesn’t want you to default. You should also do your best to avoid defaulting. You will get beat up, you might be threatened and you may spend the rest of your life trying to pay your debt.

Payday loans are ruthless, but not nearly as bad as loan sharks. They will persistently call you like a credit union would to get their money, and they might sue you after a few months. However, payday loans are often open to restructuring your payments so that they get their money.


If you truly believe you need loan shark, then please think again. Payday and car loans can get you a lot of money very quickly, and without the major threat of a real loan shark. Just be safe and consider a payday loan. The interest rates are high, but you’ll never have your fingers broken if you default.

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